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7 Best-Selling Jute Products

Custom Jute Placemat Wholesale

Custom Jute Products Wholesale

Besides canvas, jute, another natural, affordable material, is also commonly used by many environmental protection advocates to make various bags, home organizers, and daily necessities.

The following lists 7 kinds of jute products that sell well all year round:


Jute Tote Bags

Custom Jute Tote Bags


Popular Jute Tote Bags

The eco-friendly Jute Tote Bag is a stylish bag that is perfect for carrying your essentials. Perfect for everyday use, beach, and shopping.


Jute Organizer

Jute Hanging Organizer

Jute Bedside Organizer

Multifunctional jute organizer could not only hang bedside but also hang behind the door, sofa side, or deskside for sundries storage.

Jute Desktop Organizer Pen Holder

Jute Storage Bag For Living Room

Jute Laundry Bags

A laundry bag made of jute material, which is coated with clear PVC, is waterproof.

Both jute organizers, storage bags, and laundry bags’ sizes and printings could be customized as you need.


Jute Rug

Jute Floor Mat

Custom Bedroom Jute Rug

Custom unique jute rug suit for both the bedroom and living room, it is also a nice decorative embellishment.


Jute Placemat / Tablemat

Handmade Jute Placemat Coasters

Natural handmade jute placemats coasters are popular in northern Europe and the Japanese market.


Jute Rice / Coffee Bean Sack

Jute Coarn Bag Coffee Bean Sack

In agriculture, burlap bags or sacks are often used to hold grains such as rice, corn, coffee beans, etc because jute material is breathable, durable, and cheap.


Jute Handmade Artware

Jute Handmade Articles

Jute fabric and jute line have been used for handmade articles also, with a variety of designs. Which are beautiful home decorations.


Jute Shoes


Jute Shoes

Uniquely designed jute shoes and slippers are a great choice for hot summer days, as the jute material is breathable and sweat-wicking, making them cool and stylish.


Welcome to contact us to learn more about jute products customizing and wholesale.


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