About Our Responsibility

Social Responsibility

  • Family-like working environment, we work 8hrs a day, 5days a week to coordinate clients and customs working conditions.
  • We care about our employees and their needs. We pay workers social security, vacations and maternity leave by health insurance.
  • We pay salaries on time, and do not retain workers’ salaries in order to force them working longer hours.

Responsibility With Clients

  • Transparency pricing, MasOSen.com charges for its services according to its stipulated fees during a service contract.


  • Monthly statement of account, listing of contracts, invoices and payments asked by clients together with the corresponding receipts.


  • MasOSen.com does not charge additional commissions for the products nor does it make prior arrangements with factories without directly taking into consideration the client’s partial or total vested interests.

Responsibility With Environment

  • Responding to the government’s call of environmental protection. MasOSen try to avoid, to the best of our possibilities, contracting factories where high contaminating materials are used.


  • MasOSen has its own partnership factories such as cosmetic bags, textile and shoes(In Vietnam), where responsible criteria in the material treatments are applied.


  • Material Certificates, For Different Markets, Could Offered Upon Clients’ Request.