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The Solutions We Offer for Your Import Business

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FAQs About MASOSEN Solutions

Who is the service for?

Why choose MASOSEN?

What does service include?

What Can A Sourcing Assistant Do For You?


Need A Purchasing Assistant? -- Yes.

  • If you already have a supplier, our purchasing assistant can help you contact the supplier, arrange sample making, sample collection, follow up on the order production to control the quality, arrange transportation and delivery, etc. Free yourself from tedious daily work and have more time for marketing and serving end customers.


  • If you don’t have a supplier yet, our purchasing assistants can provide quotations from several reliable suppliers for your reference and selection. You are saving time, reducing communication and trial and error costs. You are the boss who makes instructions and decisions only.

Need A Purchasing Specialist? -- Yes.

  • A designated purchasing specialist can serve your company’s customers in your company’s name. They are equivalent to your company’s employees in China, but lower company operating costs.


  • Local purchasing specialists in China are familiar with the supply chain market, have no time difference with suppliers, have easy language communication, and work more efficiently.


How To Work With MASOSEN?

3 Easy Steps To Have Your Sourcing Assistant, A Subcontracted Employee, And A Contact In China To Help You To Work Easier And With Low Risks.

  1. Submit your service plan request form;
  2. MASOSEN will contact you to confirm the content details according to your needs;
  3. Assign professional assistants to work with you.

Choose Your Service Plan

Basic Plan
$ 59/hr
Popular Plan


Pro Plan


QC Service

$ 299/Inv.

* This service include to receive product samples and to bundle them to reduce shipment costs.  $=USD

Our Customers

Be A Partner gain the opportunity to reach additional customers outside your core customer base, leading to increased revenue.


  • Who wants to start doing eCommerce business and import from China.


  • Who has Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Rakuten, LZADA, Shopee, SOUQ……shops, that need private labeling, goods inspection, or dropshipping.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  • Who wants to save business running costs, such as staff costs, warehousing fees, shipping costs, rent etc.


  • Designer or marking who wants to know more about Chinese market.

Any Company Who needs QC Services

  • Companies whom have their own business already and running well,  just need QC services some times, you could find us also.