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10 High-demand Dropshipping Products In Winter 2022/23

Winter Best Selling Products

The winter is coming. Fill your online store with the best, high-demand dropshipping products for the cold season of 2022/23. Are you ready for the trendy selling points?

It is always best to check your target market’s demands and conduct sales tests before you plan to upload loads of products to your new online store, or before you start extending your existing range.

Dropshipping comes in handy for both startups and grown enterprises.

New store owners can kickstart their business without inventory risk, and they have lower upfront costs as well, than those who get physical stock in bulk.

For existing stores, it is beneficial to implement dropshipping in their business strategy as they can easily offer more goods to their audience without the need of renting a bigger warehouse or investing money in physical stock. They can reach a wider customer base easily!

Instead of spending money on inventory, they can use it to make their website more attractive and their marketing strategy more effective.

Winter Hot Selling Products
Winter Best-Selling Products

Based on our years of seasonal sales experience, as well as the analysis of the customs export data and retail sales data, we have summarized the following 10 high-demand and best-selling products in winter for your reference. We hope you can seize this winter’s peak sales season and find a new hit product for your shops.

1. Plush Hat /Windproof Hat

Plush Hat Neck Gaiter
Winter Parent-child Plush Hat Neck Gaiter

Winter is the favorite of ski lovers, the nightmare of the cyclist. As the weather gets colder, there will be a surge in demand for warm and windproof hats.

ski scarf mask

Ski Neck Gaiter Face Mask

Touring, training, skiing or other outdoor sports enthusiasts will be prepared when they wear these winter hats. These winter hats and neck gaiter face mask are made of lamb plus, fluffy materials which are comfortable to wear and feels.

winter windproof cycling hat
Winter windproof cycling hat

They are also suitable for city bikes and cars. This winter hats have windproof and waterproof functions. They can effectively protect cyclists from coldness in the autumn, winter, and spring seasons.

2. Winter Gloves

Either it is for school children or outdoor sports enthusiasts, a pair of warm and comfortable gloves in winter is essential.

Winter Gloves
Ski Gloves

Do you sell winter goods and are looking for new items to broaden your product range? Or do you plan to offer only hats, scarves and other similar accessories to your target audience? It is a good time! Sell related products for your existing market. Look for quality suppliers.

3. Ski Goggles

The Winter Olympics at the beginning of this year attracted more attention to outdoor skiing, and more and more young people fell in love with winter sports. A stylish high-quality ski goggles are a must-have for winter outdoor sports enthusiasts. Are you looking for a new fashion items to sell in winter? Here is the one! Fashion Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles MASOSEN
Anti-fog Ski Goggles

Professional anti-fog anti-skid breathable sports ski goggles

4. Hot Water Thermal Bag

The rubber hot water bottle was first invented by Croatian engineer Eduard Penkala in 1903 and has a history of over one hundred years. Why are hot water bags still so popular today?
Actually with the progress of industry and science and technology, the invention of new thermal products has increased, such as electric blankets, electric hand warmers, electric heater, air conditioners, etc. the hot water bottles once faded out of people’s sight for a while, but since 2014, it has become popular again on the Amazon, Walmart, Shopify platforms every winter, since everyone is concerned about saving energy and reducing pollution today, the hot water bottle is a affordable green environmental protection and cost-effective product.

Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles have evolved in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes. There are also different shapes of outer covers to meet the needs of both children and adults.

Are hot water bottles good for you? What are the benefits of a hot water bottle?

The hot water bottle can not only warm hands and feet when sleeping in cold weather, but also can be used to warm the sore parts of the body to relax, or to warm the stomach and waist for girls when they feel uncomfortable during their menstrual period. In addition, a hot water bag is filled with cold water and frozen, and it can also be used as a cold pack. Why not inquire about wholesale prices today?!

5. Self-heating Patch

Walking on the streets of Japan and South Korea on a snowy day in winter, and seeing the ladies wearing short skirts, you may wonder if they are not cold? The self-heating patches are their savior and can be attached to the neck, back, waist, soles of the feet, or any other part of body that needs warmth.

Winter Waist Heat Patch Neck Patch Back Heating Patch

What are heat patches good for?
Except keep warming, there are many benefits and uses for heating patches that can help relieve aches, pains, and muscle stiffness. Heating patches are a form of heat therapy that promotes consistent circulation throughout the body. When faced with an injury, heating patches are a great way to reduce muscle or joint discomfort.

Relieve Fatigue and Help Sleep Foot Patch

Foot patches with special Chinese herbal ingredients such as wormwood, ginger, cinnamon, etc., not only keep warm, but also relieve fatigue and promote good sleep.

6. Silicone Baking Mould

Baking Mould Set
Baking Mould Set

Baking Mould Set with all baking tools in one. A perfect gift for the baking lovers! Applicable for baking cake, bread, toasts, pie, muffins, cupcakes, pizza, tiramisu, brownie, lasagne etc. Great for occasions of parties, family or friends gatherings and festivals. With a variety of colors to choose from.

Silicone Cake Mould
Silicone Cake Mould

7. Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy candle
Christmas Scented Candle
Scented Candle

8. Christmas-Themed Sweater

Celebrate the holidays in style with festive Christmas-themed sweaters. These comfortable and stylish sweaters are perfect for family photos, gatherings with friends, or just to keep warm on a cold winter day.

Christmas Sweater
Christmas themed parent-child sweater

These adorable Christmas-themed sweaters are loved by both parents and kids. The fun and festive designs are sure to get you in the holiday spirit, and the soft fabric will keep you warm all winter long.

9. Skin Rejuvenation Photon Mask

Skin Rejuvenation Photon Mask

All women are natural beauty lovers, and facial care is their top priority. In addition to going to the beauty salon for maintenance every week, daily self-cleaning and maintenance are also very important. With a high-tech portable beauty device, whether you are traveling or at home, you can do-it-yourself facial cleansing massage become beautiful anytime, anywhere, and the operation is simple. The demand of Facal Pore Cleaner, Electronic Facial Massager, Skin Rejuvenation Photon Mask, etc. is growing.

10. Winter Handbag

Winter Crossbody Tote Down Boston Bag
Winter Crossbody Tote Down Boston Bag

Popular winter quilted tote bag two-way use down boston bag, which made of soft and comfortable fabric, smoothly to touch, lightweight, and large capacity, taking all your belongs on the go. Hot-selling in Korea market, Japan market, Europe, and North of America.

Harris Tweed Tote Satchel Bag
Harris Tweed Tote Satchel Bag

Harris tweed fabrics from Scotland are retro and classic without diminishing literature and art. People who like Harris material products are elegant and fashionable, either with harris tweed tote bag, jacket, or overcoat. Popular in Europe, Japan, and Korea.

The above are the ten best-selling products in winter, I hope you can get some inspiration from them, choose your suitable product category, and lay out your market one step ahead of your competitors.

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