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5 Kinds Of Must-Have Canvas Bags

MASOSEN Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale

Why Are Canvas Bags So Popular?

  • Canvas fabric is natural, classical, durable, and affordable, making canvas a popular material widely used in the bags industry, from canvas tote bags, toiletry bags, crossbody bags, and backpacks, to duffel bags, they are great for both kids and adults, men and women daily use or travel use.
  • This post will list five kinds of high-click search hot selling canvas bags for your reference.


1/5 Canvas Cosmetic Bag Or Toiletry Bags

  • Because the canvas material is eco-friendly, especially cotton canvas, it is deeply loved by environmentalists and is also commonly used by some well-known cosmetic brands as cosmetic promotional gifts, or as packing bags to match their products.

Canvas Cosmetic Bags


2/5 Canvas Tote Bags

Blank Canvas Tote Bags
  • Among all canvas bags, canvas tote bags are the most popular, have the widest range of applications, and sell the most. Many companies from different industries choose canvas tote bags to do advertisements for their brands or promotion for products. Canvas tote bags can be categorized as follows:


  • Canvas Shopping Bags
  • Shopping tote bags are often made of 10ozs or 12ozes canvas fabric, which is thin, but durable, with large capacity, foldable, reusable, and easy to take with. Canvas shopping bags are popular in the Australian market.
Canvas Grocery Shopping Bag
  • Canvas Beach Bags
  • Oversized waterproof canvas beach tote bags are often preferred. It is portable with cotton rope handles, fashionable and practical, and holds beach mats, bath towels, sunscreens, water cups, etc., all supplies in one.
Canvas Beach Tote Bags Wholesale
  • Canvas Tool Bags
  • The specially processed polyester-cotton canvas tool bags are durable, sturdy, anti-corrosion, waterproof and fireproof. Garden tool bags and chefs’ knife tool bags are good examples, they could also be made of waxed canvas.
Canvas Garden Tool Bag Wholesale
Canvas Knife Bag Wholesale
  • Canvas Shoulder Bags / Canvas Handbags
  • With global warming, more and more people pay attention to environmental protection. Some international luxury brands also choose to use natural canvas materials when launching new products, such as Chanel canvas handbags, Prada canvas tote bags, Gucci canvas tote bags, etc.
Customizing Stylish Canvas Handbags


How do I import canvas tote bags in bulk from China?

Canvas Tote Bag Designs-1
Canvas Tote Bag Designs-2
  • Five steps to purchase canvas tote bags from China:
  1. Choose the bag design that you like and confirm bags sizes, and quantity needed;
  2. Prepare well logo and label designs in AI and PDF file;
  3. Offer your requests to the bag manufacturer, and order one sample for approval;
  4. Receive samples and confirm all details meet requests, placing a bulk order for mass production;
  5. Arrange goods inspection before making balance payment and shipping then after it.



Can I get my brand name on bulk tote bags?

  • Yes, it’s called customized order. There are three common logo methods for customizing customers’ brand names on canvas tote bags:
  • Screen Printing, Heat-transfer printing, and embroidery.
  • Digital printing is also often used for canvas tote bags, but mainly for polyester canvas bags.



3/5 Canvas Crossbody Bags

  • Crossbody bags, whether in Europe, America, Australia, or Japan, are often seen in young and elder people while shopping. Canvas messenger bags are lighter than leather handbags and can prevent the theft of phones, wallets, or other belongings. Free hands and shopping freely.
Ladies Canvas Crossbody Bag
Teenager Canvas Crossbody Bags



4/5 Canvas Backpacks Or School Bags

  • For commuters and students, whether driving, taking the subway, or riding a bicycle, backpacks are undoubtedly the best outgoing choice. It’s same for the hiking lovers.
  • While canvas backpacks, rucksacks, or canvas school bags are chosen by most people because they are light in weight, have strong wear resistance, and are affordable price.
Canvas Backpack School Bag

Canvas Backpack Wholesale


5/5 Canvas Duffle Bags Or Gym Bags

  • The canvas duffel bags and gym bags are great companions for weekend travel or gym sessions.

Due to their large capacity, they can hold all your belongings in one.

Canvas Duffel Bags and Gym Bags Whoelsale


If you are interested in any kind of canvas bag or have bulk order custom needs, please contact us to learn more.

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